At Freschfield,
we are developing the energy
solution of The Future

Freschfield is a green technology company working on the creation of
some of the most advanced green energy innovations in the World.
Freschfield’s technology makes it possible, for the first time in history, to integrate smart and sustainable energy systems throughout the entire exterior skin of a building.
Freschfield’s Smart Panels are an innovative technology of transparent solar panels.
Freschfield’s Smart Panels:
1. Work at Day & Night 24/7
2. Are made of silicon-free materials with no carbon emissions
3. Produce twice the amount of energy compared to current solar panels
4. Have a production cost that’s significantly lower than the cost of current solar panels
5. Could be implemented on entire building facades & could process data from other buildings via Freschfield’s Artificial Intelligence

60% less costly

than traditional building materials and installations, providing energy-saving rebates, tax credits and government financial incentives.

More efficient

than solar panels. SmartSkinz harvest energy where and when solar panels do not.

More durable

than current solar panels self-performing building skins.

Energy producing

in low and no visible light conditions.

Design Freedom for ZNE

Designed specifically for commercial projects, Freschfield’s SmartSkinz allow for architectural freedom and creativity for highly sustainable construction projects.

Reducing emissions

Freschfield’s exclusive SmartSkinz eliminate 40% of carbon emissions that buildings push into our atmosphere.

A step closer to future cities

SmartSkinz-integrated electronics provide a digital platform for optimal energy processing and wireless data communication.

A flexible solution

Designed in conjunction with our energy-producing SmartSkinz, the unique attributes of bio-fiber produce power while maintaining a significant structural integrity.

Artificial Intelligence &
Machine Learning

The Facades of the buildings are populated
with our SmartSkinz and are turned into an intelligent space, capable of hosting our bots which will control the generated power produced by them.

Our small static bots

integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning, which not only take care of the harvested energy, but also optimize the overall usage and maintenance of the buildings, transforming them into super-utilities.

The daily needs

for Energy Management of the residents are predicted, catered for, and optimized.

Artificial Intelligence

will reside in the smart buildings of the future, and these will have a deep impact in the way we work, live and think.

It will become an essential component of
all buildings of the future both on Earth
and other planets (outer space).

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