Quantum Grid

A new clean energy technology that could operate not only during the day, but also in low light, or even at night. Quantum Grid is implementing a sophisticated quantum technology that offers both a transparent and opaque solutions with higher efficiency than all current BIPV technologies, by capturing the spectrum of infrared and ultraviolet light.



EV Charging

EV charging stations, thus providing a solution for the city to meet its GHG reduction goals.



Energy Trading

A new generation of payment platforms based on blockchain technologies, which is intended to ease the interactions between the different participants in the Smart City infrastructure. The innovative Green Payment coin, and the Green Payment platform are developed for micro-grids, and can be integrated into our IoT system.






Visible & Invisible Light Communications system for high-speed wireless data transmission. LiFi ensures higher transmission speeds, enhanced security in the office/building spaces, better networking across a significantly higher bandwidth, and safer networking in areas susceptible to electromagnetic interference.